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Enrich Bouncy Foam For Wavy, Curly Hair - Care3
Enrich Bouncy Foam For Wavy, Curly Hair - Care3
Item# 815717

Product Description

Helps to restore wavy and curly hair. The lightweight restructuring foam penetrates the hair providing lush bounciness for wavy, curly hair.

- Apply to damp hair

- Distribute evenly and comb through

- Do not rinse


- Panthenol: Readily binds to hair follicles, moisturizing and strengthening hair, and helping to seal moisture in, preventing drying out.

- Creatin: A building block of protein that is in part internally produced by the human organism. It is regarded as a universal supplier of energy to the human body. Well-known in the skin-care it is used as moisturizer and 'vitalizer'. In hair care products creatin strengthens the hair and has a hair-repairing effect. A hair-strengthening/restructuring or repairing effect occurs because creatin is capable of penetrating the inner structure (the cortex) of hair.

- Silk Extract: Derived from silk proteins, it forms moisture-retentive films that smooth and moisturize both skin and hair. It provides a silky emolliency in creams, lotions, shampoos and hair conditioners.

- Formula: Provides a volume effect while improving the structure of hair. Improves combability and therefore reduces the split-end formation. Also provides heat protection when using hot tools.