Hair Crystals Caribbean Blue

Hair Crystals Caribbean Blue
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Product Description

Add Shine, Sparkle & Color with Hair Diamonds !

Caribbean Blue Diamond-like Rhinestone Hair Crystals add glamour to finished hairstyles. Keratin Cure Bijoux Hair Crystals easily attach to hair with a Flat Iron. Hair Crystals are made from Genuine Czech Crystals.

Each Crystal

✔ 4mm size

✔ 48 Crystals in pack

💋 Hair Diamonds will last through several shampoos and will eventually fall out by themselves. No glue, no residue, no damage to the hair. If you want to remove them sooner: Saturate the back of the hair and the crystal with hairspray OR alcohol and gently rub until detached. Discard crystal.

💋 💋 For instruction on Installation go to Tutorial